High-Impact Mentoring: A practical guide to Creating Value in Other People's Liives

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MENTORING TRANSFORMS LIVES AND ORGANIZATIONS. HERE'S HOW TO DO IT RIGHT. Why is there such a huge and ironic need in today’s business and organizational world? On one hand, we have a multitude of rising high achievers who would benefit greatly from the experience and wisdom of a skilled mentor. On the other hand, we have thousands of savvy, experienced business and organizational leaders who would, could, and should fill that bill…but they aren’t getting together. Why is that? How can we fix it? And how can we hang onto our top talent? Former Waffle House President and COO Bert Thornton and Founding Director of the University of West Florida’s Executive Mentor Program Dr. Sherry Hartnett have combined to answer those questions and more in the first ever practical guide written for remarkably effective one-on-one mentoring and scaling that effort up to build your own organization’s outstanding mentoring program for rising stars. Mentoring is no longer a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have.” At a time when people crave strong work relationships and a sense of connection—and employees expect to be developed—a good mentoring program is your secret weapon for attracting and retaining high performers. HIGH-IMPACT MENTORING: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CREATING VALUE IN OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES is a blueprint for hardwiring the program into your culture so every mentee gets a consistent experience, every time. Finally, a chapter on virtual mentoring ensures that people reap the benefits of Bert and Sherry’s wisdom, whether they work from home, at the office, or both.

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